Agriculture, new varieties, promotion, development, technical consultancy...

• Vivero El Pinar produces strawberry and raspberry plants.

• At Vivero El Pinar we are growers for more than 35 years.

• We develop new varieties and export them around the world.

• Our technical department makes sure that our clients obtain the best results.

• Our fields in Segovia have the best conditions for a strawberry plant nursery.


Vivero El Pinar is a family company dedicated to agriculture for more than 35 years. Our company has been linked to the world of strawberries since its beginnings in Spain. It is a well known and prestigious nursery and a point of reference in the search for new varieties to fulfill the growers' expectations.



Environmental friendliness, the combination of traditional agriculture with the latest technological advances and our human resources are the base of our company. We work to ensure our clients obtain the best possible products.

We have more than 200 ha of cultivated land located in Segovia (Spain) over 1000 m above sea level and 3 processing warehouses with a surface areas of over 5000 sq. m., in addition to everything else required to be able to process more than 2500000 plants a day.



As well as our strawberry plants, we also produce horticultural crops with our brand El Manojillo and summer berries in Segovia. We are the exclusive suppliers of berries for the most important chains in Spain.

For several years now we have carried out our agricultural work in tandem with the distribution and promotion of new varieties of strawberry and raspberry, mainly from the American breading programme by Plant Sciences and Berry Genetics.